Tuesday, May 20, 2008

About Show

Well many people try to categorize me with others but in reality im like no other. first of all the name is chris but the alias is Da $how, why is that my alias you may ask, well simply because its me, im a show, a nigga who has to have the top shit, everything top of the line. People ask am I black, white, mexican, and so and so but none of the above. Shocker huh. Im actually born in the United States, parents are from a country which is called Guatemala, located in central america bordering mexico and belize. i have roots also from spain and italy so yea im a mutt lol. idk if i have anything else in me but i most likely do and will find out when i get my dna traced back which costs thousands lol. besides that im ceo of the squad know as HBO which stands for Hoes Back Off, basically meaning we dont fuck with hoes, we fucks with women, not trashy sluty hoes lol. I was born in Paramount but have been living in compton all my life so yea u know where im from in the westside. currently im a college student at csudh trying 2 get my bachelors and debating on whether or not i should get my masters but idk yet lol. success is what im working on and the future looks bright, my squad is pushin our music out and yea its finna be a wrap, if u dont believe me check out myspace.com/therealrapsinger and also myspace.com/robrugged to know what niggas is about, we killin every1 in the game, so fuck all haters, it is what it is